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Coffin Bay National Park

The Coffin Bay National Park located on the Eyre Penninsul has diverse and unique coastal landscape, with windswept cliffs, beautiful long beaches and spectacular sand dunes.

Park Information

Gallery | Location Map | Park Brochure | Eyre Penninsula Brochure

Camping and Campgrounds

The park offers a great deal for thos looking beautiful wind swept coast with long pristine beaches. Beach fishing along with bush camping is very popular. Gunyah beach is one of the best places on the penninusla to fish for ocean salmon.

Park Attractions

  • Beach Fishing
  • 4 Wheel Driving
  • Coastal Walks
  • Bush Camping
  • Spectacular Sand Dunes

Travel Road Access

The park has quite a bit of 2wd access on sealed roads to Templetonia Lookout, Almonta Beach, Point Avoid, and Yangie Bay. 4wd roads to the northern part of the park allow access to other great beach fishing and camping.

National Park for exploring the majestic beauty of Australia.

Longitude -34.67
Latitude 135.43
700km West of Adelaide
370km South of Port Augustus
22km West of Port Lincoln
31,000 ha
Daily park pass required for visitors and campers. Ticket at gate entrance.
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Explore one of South Australia's most popular destination, Coffin Bay National Park near Port Lincoln